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  • Amazonas Inc. -
    Industrial supplies and parts, safety clothing, computer supplies.
  • Latimex, Inc. -
    Industrial equipment and supplies to Central America, South America & the Caribbean.
  • Albuquerque, Inc. -
    Export distributor of industrial instruments to South & Central America, Mexico & Caribbean (borescopes, high temperature video systems, infrared pyrometers & line scanners) for cement, power, glass, petrochemical and steel industries.
  • HDH International, Inc. -
    Canadian owned importer and exporter for light industrial products, machinery, parts, casting and forging.
Foster Andrew & Co., Inc -
Importer/supplier of industrial products made in China -
Importers and distributors of bearings to Europe.
Website of ValveForce International, LLC -
VFI's website depicts specifications of products imported for sale to North American tire service and manufacturing industries.
Beni Impex - Beni Group -
Exports machine tool tooling, foundry materials, hand tools, process control instruments, standard and CNC machineries from India.
TLT International -
Represents manufacturers of various industrial products, assists with sourcing alternative, lower cost products.
China-exporter -
Exporter of tools, hardware, and light industrial products from China.
SangGee Technology, Inc. -
Exporter serving semiconductor, medical, factory automation and other industries.
CMG Import Export -
Import export of machine parts of European and American origin.
Sumaco -
Exports equipment for mining, industrial, aviation, marine, plywood, doors, LP gas, automated metering products, water processing, sports, and medical supplies.
Micrometros de Mexico (Micromex) -
Mexican distributor and exporter of measuring & precision instruments, carbide & HSS cutting tools; Mitutoyo & IMCO master dealer.
Tamboli Exim Limited -
Exporters of engineering and industrial products, and commodities.
Hebei Huixing Import and Export Co., Ltd. -
Exports slurry pumps, mining machinery, cast parts, OEM, valves, foundry, grinding balls, textile machinery, food processing machinery.
IMEX Parts and Equipment -
Importer of OEM parts and equipment to Australia's petroleum, process and manufacturing industries.
Vikrant International -
Gas compressors, diesel engine parts, spares, accessories, refrigeration air conditioning equipment.
Ningbo Changqi International Trade Co., Ltd. -
An exporter from China dealing with insulating tape, valve, seal tape, brass, insulation tape, hardware, hose, fittings.
Furukawa Plantaciones C.A. -
Exporters and producers of Manila hemp.
Asia America Corporation -
Functions as a custom manufacturing company for North American based companies interested in having O.E.M. technical products produced in other parts of the world.
Triway Yangzhou(China) Int'l Trade Co., Ltd -
Devoted to the exporting of marine spare parts: anchor chain, studless chain, stud link chain, and kenter shackle.
Dasco Global Industrial Trading -
Trading partner of a wide range of contractors, trading companies, installers and shipbuilders.
Techniplas Inc. -
Industrial equipment, serving major industries such as oil, gas, and power by sourcing and expediting shipments of engines, transmitters, pumps, transducers, electronics, and computers.
P Rai and Company -
Import and export of general engineering equipment and pneumatic tools and accessories since mid-1940s.
Griffin Industrial Services -
UK exporter of a wide range of industrial products.
American Industrial Exports -
International marketing, purchasing and export management of industrial products and services.
Diamonds and Tools -
Diamond files, powders, lapping compound, solid carbide tools, diamond wheels.
Instruments International -
Importer of industrial and other instruments.

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