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  • Kolk and Co. -
    World wide purchase and sale of sawn timber hardwood, softwood, crossings, sleepers, packaging and DIY products.
  • Finland Color Plywood Corporation -
    Imports and distributes quality presurfaced commercial grade wood products for interior and exterior use.
  • Intercom Woodproducts Enterprises Group -
    Russian lumber and timber exporters specializing in birch. Also offer pine, larch, white birch, white oak, ash, and spruce.
  • PT Aria -
    Wood working products and solid door products from Indonesia.
  • Golden Wood -
    Timber and lumber import/export, acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer or distributor and the sawmill.
Link Commerce Ltd. -
Exporter of Brazilian wood. Products include pine, hardwoods, sawn hardwoods for flooring and plywood.
Brastrading Co. Ltd. -
Exporters of tropical woods from South America.
World Wood Trading -
Distributors of international plywood products throughout North America.
Laubo Co.,Ltd -
Import and export of industrial paper products.
Novel Woods -
Chilean exporter of radiata pine products such as blocks, blanks, mouldings and EGP, importer of Doug fir and hemlock are from Canada.
Baltica -
Russian exporter of timber and sawn logs.
Hydale Ltd -
Principal Activities : importing coal, steel and timber from Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union to markets in the United Kingdom and Western Europe.
YVR Forestry -
Malaysian hardwood precision custom-cuts, rough sawn timber, and finished kiln-dried profile moldings.
BeechWood Trading and Marketing -
Importers and exporters of European beech logs and steamed beech timber.
Hinrich Feldmeyer GmbH -
Import and export of wood.
J and D Nadin Enterprises -
Promotion and sales of Pacific specialty hardwood lumber and softwood.
BMA Commodity Investment -
Negotiation company and importer of wood products, sugar and other commodities directly from Brazilian mills.
Global Gold International -
USA based exporter of saw and veneer logs, and other lumber.
Vloerenwerf -
Buyer and importer of wooden flooring.
Unmuessig Timber -
Importer and exporter of timber and lumber.
Superior Export Veneer, Inc. -
Buyers of hardwood logs and standing timber.
Globalwood Flooring -
Importers and distributors of quality hardwood floors, with several overseas factories.

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