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  • Cantrell and Cochrane -
    Irish importer and exporter of diversified food and beverage items.
  • Takari International Inc. -
    A trading company specializing in Japanese snack foods and restaurant supplies.
  • B and B Trading Agency -
    Refined and not refined cane sugar, full cream and skimmed milk powder, and egg powder. Russian vodka.
  • Hinrichs Trading -
    Exporter of specialty crops such as garbanzo beans, whole and split green and yellow peas, lentils, canola, popcorn, bird feed, and feed bi-products.
  • Nammari and Co. -
    Nutraceutical, dairy and beverage exports.
Riley Foods International -
US-based independent export broker of high quality dehydrated beans and peas suitable for retail sales or the food service market. Site is in English and Spanish.
Contrast LTD -
Export and Import company based in Tbilisi, Georgia in the Caucasus. Specializing in wine, beer, mineral water, and other items.
South Sea Foods -
Procurement for refrigerated and frozen meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, produce and dry grocery foods. Offering shipping options including single commodity containers as well as mixed product containers.
Bethco International, Inc -
Market driven company focused on specialty foods, fast foods, food service products and institutional and industrial foods.
Cracovia Brands, Inc. -
Importers of fine European food and liquors.
Food Traders Network - Food and Beverage -
Network of food and beverage exporters and importers with virtual trade show.
Sterling Foods -
Located in Mangalore, India, the company exports marine foods: shrimps, squid, fishes, frozen foods and its own brand of seafood Yacht.
Qingdao Cereals,Oils and Foodstuffs Import Export Corporation -
Chinese exporter of cereals, oils and other foodstuffs.

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