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  • Joe Boxer Corp -
    USA. Design and manufacture of underwear, sleepwear and loungewear for men, women and children. On-line shopping. Store finder, garment care guide and size charts. Links to games, and download area of browsers and plug-ins.
  • Russell Corp -
    USA. Vertically integrated apparel manufacturing corporation. Yarns and textile fabrics. Knitted and woven active and casual wear, and athletic uniforms.
  • Paxar Corp -
    USA. Identification and tracking systems for the apparel and retail markets. Tapes, labels, barcodes and tags. Printers and scanners. Brand identification and product information, and merchandising and inventory management solutions.
  • Dawson International PLC -
    UK. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing and distributing companies. Fiber processing and yarn spinning. Design, manufacture and wholesale of knitted fabrics and garments, from cashmere wool. Links to member companies.
  • Vincent Mark Co., Ltd -
    Hong Kong. Group of textile manufacturing companies. Manufacturers of knit shirts, sweaters and apparel from a variety of natural and synthetic fibers.
  • Renfro Corp -
    USA. Brand name hosiery manufacturers. Socks for men, women and children. Links to information and FAQ on socks. Password protected, business to business commerce.
  • Alkahn Labels, Inc -
    USA. In-stock and custom designed, woven and printed labels for the apparel and textile products industries. Also, packaging solutions, warehousing and inventory management.
  • Delta Galil Industries, Ltd -
    Israel. Design and manufacture of underwear, sleepwear and intimate apparel for men, women and children. Also, socks, infant and leisure wear, and knitted fabrics for the garment industry.
  • RVL, Inc -
    USA. Woven and printed labels and tags, and leather patches for the apparel industry. Custom design services, sales support and information systems for brand imaging. Also, printing of packaging. Link to job offerings.
  • Image Label Systems -
    Australia. Woven and printed labels for the textile and apparel industries. Also, source tagging and transfer printing.
  • Cerruti Group -
    Italy. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturers. Design and manufacture of luxury ready to wear fashion for men and women. Also, collections of fragrances. English and Italian.
  • Dynic Corp -
    USA. Design and manufacture of coated textile materials and thermal transfer ribbons for the clothing care and industrial labeling industries. English, German and French.
  • The Nilorn Group -
    Sweden. Custom design and manufacture of printed, embroidered and embossed, woven and paper labels and label programs for the fashion and ready to wear industry. Also, barcode and price tags.
  • Bornemann Bick GmbH -
    Germany. Custom design and manufacture of printed, embroidered and embossed labels for the fashion industry, from textile materials, paper and leather. On-line catalog and ordering. English and Grman.
  • Knopffabriek Dill GmbH -
    Germany. Design and manufacture of classic, fashion and jewelry buttons for the garment industry, from wood, metal and plastic materials. Searchable product catalogs. English, German and French.
  • The Butonia Group -
    The Netherlands. Design and manufacture of buttons, snap fasteners and toggles for the clothing and related industries. Also, zippers, buckles, cordings, cord locks, ribbons and webbings.
  • Induyco Group -
    Spain. Group of textile manufacturing companies. Brand name collections of woven and knitted sports wear and casual wear for men, women and children. Also, uniforms and workwear, and leather fashion. English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
  • Shore To Shore, Inc -
    USA. Brand identification solutions for the global apparel and retail industries. Labels and tags from paper, textile materials and leather. Barcode systems and security hangtags. On-line order status and tracking service, and job offerings.
  • Austins Marmon, Ltd -
    Hong Kong. Design and manufacture of gloves for sports and industrial uses, from genuine leather and textile materials. Also, leather tanners and processors. Custom manufacturing services.
  • Bischoff Textil AG -
    Switzerland. Computerised embroidery of intimate apparel, outerwear for women, children's wear and household textiles. Also, embroidered emblems and badges for society, company and sports logos.
  • Fashion Ribbon Co -
    USA. Ribbons, bows and trimmings for children's wear, intimate apparel, swimwear, knitwear, hair accessories, cosmetics and toiletries, stationary, packaging, home furnishings and footwear.
  • HH Calmon Co., Ltd -
    UK. Design and manufacture of jacquard and taffeta woven, printed labels, swing tickets and accessories for clothing retailers and fashion houses. Also, electronic article surveillance tagging systems. Short descriptions of the various weaving techniques, employed in label manufacturing. Members of the Nilorn Group.
  • Diao Garment Group Co., Ltd -
    China. Group of textile manufacturing companies, specialised in garment design and manufacture. Apparel and sleepwear for men and women, from cotton, linen, ramie, silk, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends.
  • Dolcevita Srl -
    Italy. Diversified group of manufacturing and distribution companies, active in textiles, cosmetics, furniture, food and beverages, jewelry and water treatment systems. Design and manufacture of women's lingerie and beach wear. Links to garment care, and dictionary of textile and garment terms.

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